Wilderness Tree Farm

Wilderness Tree Farm is located in the North East region of the Fraser Valley near the banks of the Harrison River in small community of Lake Errock, B.C.

Wilderness Tree Farm is a small Christmas Tree and Turkey Farm.  Our specialty is growing both  trees and turkeys 100% naturally.

Our Christmas Trees are planted in the field and  hillsides as small seedlings usually 4-6" tall in the spring.  The main trees planted are Grand, Noble and Douglas Firs and Blue Spruce.  Trees are available both semi sheared and in their natural state. 

Trees are available year round as either you cut or full root ball (live).  In December trees are sold through a local retailer - Aldergrove Garden Center - in Langley or on a weekend you cut basis.

Wilderness Tree Farm - is proud to be B.C. Turkey Marketing Board -Grower # 37.  We specialize in growing a 100% Natural - open run, no animal by-product, antibiotic and medication free turkey.  Our turkeys' buildings are cleaned with a food grade vinegar cleaning solution.  

The Turkeys' diet is a mixture of grains, fresh vegetables and apples processed through a garburator.  As a natural disease prevention the birds have Cayenne Pepper added to their daily feed for a 6 week period.  Apple -Cider Vinegar may also be added to their water.  At no time are any Antibiotics or Medications used. 

Wilderness Tree Farm - as part of  an overall self reliance model has an on-site Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmill.  The sawmill is used to produce custom lumber and timbers for farm use and local sale.  The sawdust from the mill is collected and used as clean bedding for the animals.  When buildings are cleaned - the sawdust is then collected, composted and mixed with used coffee grounds picked up from Starbucks in Mission, B.C.  The coffee grounds (approx. 6 tons/year ) are mixed with the sawdust and manure combination that is then used to fertilize the Christmas Trees and Pumpkins grown for an annual u-pick pumpkin event and feed for the turkeys.

Recently an outdoor Wood burning furnace was added.  When hooked up the furnace will allow the use of waste wood to heat  the barns, greenhouse, main house, office and provide unlimited hot water.  Switching over to hot water heat will allow the birds to be raised without heat lamps thus greatly reducing the risk of fire and  providing far more natural environment and lighting for the birds.


we are home to...

 Christmas Trees

  Specialty Turkey

  Custom Sawmill

​  Her Basket Case