Wilderness Tree Farm



Wilderness Tree Farm  - 100% Natural - Open Run Turkey.  Our turkey is raised in small flocks,  100% medication and antibiotic free.

The Turkeys receive a 100% natural grain and vegetable diet - with constant access to fresh water and feed and the freedom to be inside or outside during the day.  The birds are inside barns at night for protection from  predators.  Birds receive vitamins and minerals in their feed, and in their water as turklets and in extreme weather conditions.  All Turkey feed is 100% animal by-product and Antibiotic free.

As part of the natural disease resistance fresh vegetables are put through a garburator and made into a pulp - each bird during their growing cycle will get on average 10-15 pounds of fresh vegetables and apple pulp.

For a natural immunity booster - the birds receive Cayenne  Pepper added to their daily feeding for a 4-6 week period.  Apple cider vinegar may also be added to their water. At no time are any antibiotics or medications ever used!  

Buildings are cleaned and washed using 100% pure food grade vinegar and cedar sawdust in the outdoor areas.  No other chemiclas or cleaners are ever used. In Mission - Turkeys are available fresh at Fruits & Greens Market on Lougheed Hwy 604-826-4419 for both Thanksgiving and Christmas (By-pre-order) delivered fresh for in-store pick up.)

Wilderness Tree Farm - is B.C. Turkey Marketing Board Grower # 37 and proud member of the B.C. Turkey Farmers Association


*100% Natural

* Open Run

*Grain/Vegetable Diet

​*Antibiotic/Medication Free